Rewilding the microbiome: The importance of ecological approaches to immune health (#ACAAI19 Twitter summary)

Dr. Ellis @DrAnneEllis: Next up, we have @susanprescott88 discussing "Rewilding the microbiome: The importance of ecological approaches to immune health".

Human health cannot be separated from the health of our environment. Physical, Emotional, Social, Economic and Political environments - The modern health crisis is inextricably linked to erosion of all these interdependent ecosystems.

The field of Allergy was the first discipline to link the microbiome with human health.

We are in the Anthropocene - an era of adversity with systemic erosion of all systems leading to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is reflected in the unprecedented epidemic of early onset chronic non communicable diseases. We must move beyond blaming the individual - NCDs reflect failing 'health' of all aspects of modern societies.

The Immune system is core to all aspects of physical and mental health.

Technology culture is now a dominant driver of dysbiosis.

SherryColemanCollins @DietitianSherry How to reverse current shift toward dysbiosis as a people and planet? “Everything points to: reconnection, restoration and preservation of the ecosystem. Rebuilding communities, urban habitats, microbiome rewilding”. How can we rewild? Spend time in the wild! Spend more time in nature, less time behind screens.

Dr. Ellis @DrAnneEllis Contact with soil and plants influences skin and gut microbiome. "Plug into nature, not your technology".

Do not underestimate the power of an idea to change behavior and biology - Jonas Salk.

Dr. Dave Stukus @AllergyKidsDoc It’s so simple, yet so complicated:Overall decline in our health is related to
-Environmental disruption
-Dependence on technology
-Poor diet
-Less outdoor activities

@susanprescott88 offers a compelling thought at #ACAAI19 - Let’s reverse our self destructive behavior.

Rika @rikitamia Excellent talk at #ACAAI19 by @susanprescott88 about the interconnectedness of it all- beautiful slides showcasing her art and bringing together the ideas of science and nature. Truly eye opening, thanks Dr. Prescott!

Carina Venter PhD RD @VenterCarina: if you like @susanprescott88 slides as much as I do - it is her artwork - please don't reproduce #acaai19 slides without her permission.... We need to restore the world on both a personal and planetary scale. Microbes are critical in disease prevention with clear transgenerational changes seen over generations. Probiotic = promoting life and healthy living. We should prescribe exposure to nature to our patients every day!

Is there a role for targeted interventions using pre and probiotics - absolutely yes - but it is not a magic silver bullet...we have to see the bigger picture. Probiotic used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases and may even be cost effective - but we need more info on which strains and for whom. We have to see the bigger picture - we can not just rely on expensive bandaids. The health of our children depends on the health of our environment. The immune system is influenced by everything and affects everything! There is no health without planetary health.

Susan Prescott MDPhD @susanprescott88: The evolution of the allergy epidemic closely parallels massive environmental change at ‘macro’ and the ‘micro’ scales

The canary in the coal mine: metaphor has become a reality. *Naïve to think that massive biodiversity loss does not directly impact our health. *Foolish not to see the implications for future generations *Irresponsible not to do something about it.

Planetary health is personal: there is a direct line between between ‘life in distress’ at the cellular and the planetary scales. Drivers of inflammation and dysbiosis echo across every level.

Invitation to #inVIVO2020 - June 17-20, 2020 in Amsterdam! Interconnectivity through a wide range of diverse topics - and grass roots efforts to make planetary health personal!. Visit our website:

SherryColemanCollins @DietitianSherry: Fascinating presentation by @susanprescott88 referencing the biodiversity hypothesis and allergic disease and this paper from Haahtela et al.

Probiotic supplementation in pregnancy:

Love this idea of "nature connectedness" as an important way to help support real and actual physical and emotional health. These are measurable improvements linked to connectedness with nature. "More support for [this] than probiotic supplement".

EleanorGarrowHolding @EleanorGarrow Health benefits across all domains! Unplug from technology! @susanprescott88 at #FoodAllergy Symposium!

RDN @PeanutFarmers @PeanutRD: Determinants of allergic disease are multifactorial. Diet is a major part, but only one part. Environment is also significant. Microbiome and metabolome big part too.

Dr. Dave Stukus @AllergyKidsDoc: @susanprescott88 talking about a hot #foodallergy topic: microbiome. While evidence surrounding supplements, pro/prebiotics is still in early stages...we have a proven way to improve health:
Get outside! Exercise, rest, focus on overall health, not quick fixes.

Robert Rogers @choirdoc: Enjoying the focus on the influences of being in nature and of our diet in @susanprescott88's presentation at #ACAAI19. Here's the link to the probiotic website she mentioned:

SherryColemanCollins @DietitianSherry: This call to protect planetary health by @susanprescott88 and focus on biodiversity hypothesis reminds me of the balcony bee hives here at Houston Convention Center.

Katherine Anagnostou @PedAllergyDoc: We have seen a progressive loss of microbiome diversity in every subsequent generation, Prescott.

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