Cost of anti-IL biologics in US as of 2019

Average wholesale price of one dose and for a 52-week year of mepolizumab, reslizumab, and benralizumab for a 70-kg adult:

Mepolizumab, 100 mg SQ, $3,400 per dose, $44,000 per year

Reslizumab, 3 mg/kg IV, $2,000 per dose, $28,000 per year

Benralizumab, 30 mg SQ, $5,702 per dose, $48,400 per year

Anti–IL-5 treatments in severe asthma: Indirect treatment comparison -- Mepolizumab with greater improvements in exacerbations and asthma control compared with reslizumab or benralizumab


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