Literature review: allergic rhinitis - Twitter summary from 2014 #ACAAI meeting

Dr Nicklas reviewed allergic rhinitis:

Allergic rhinitis is a risk factor for traffic safety - Allergy 69:906. Driving performance when symptomatic and untreated was significantly impaired. The impairment was comparable with having a blood alcohol level of 0.03%, the legal limit in the Netherlands where this study was done.

Systematic review of secondhand smoke exposure on sinusitis - Int Forum Allergy Rhinol 4:22. The association between 2nd hand smoke exposure and sinusitis was significantly increased. There was no difference between acute and chronic sinusitis for the association between 2nd hand smoke and sinusitis.

EIB and allergic rhinitis - Clin Exp Allergy 44:858. Rhinitis significantly increased the risk of EIB.

Omalizumab for rhinitis - JACI in practice 2: 232. Obviously quite expensive. It works by symptoms score reduction, but study was not done to assess quality of life.

This is a Twitter summary from 2014 #ACAAI meeting. The post is a part of series. See the rest here:

The Twitter summary was made possible by @MatthewBowdish

Several allergists did a great job posting updates from the 2014 meeting of the #ACAAI. I used the website “All My Tweets” to review the tweets. For comparison, here are the tweets from previous #ACAAI meetings (scroll down the page for the past years):

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