Allergic rhinitis - top articles for June-July 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about allergic rhinitis in June-July 2012:

Poor asthma control? – then look up the nose. The importance of co-morbid rhinitis in patients with asthma

A new category of rhinitis based on localized atopy - local allergic rhinitis (LAR) and

One type of Nonallergic rhinitis is classified as "Emotional" - JACI 2012, table 1

The burden of allergic rhinitis: persistent relief of symptoms remains a major unmet need

My Nasal Allergy Journal - free tools for patients by ACAAI

Allergens in schools and homes: Mouse allergen levels in schools are substantial, followed by cat and dog

Ragweed pollen collected along high-traffic roads shows a higher allergenicity

Risk factors for chronic sinusitis in allergic rhinitis, from ENT perspective: infraorbital & frontal intersinus cells

Lack of evidence to describe any dog breed as hypoallergenic: So-called hypoallergenic dogs had higher Can f 1 levels

Intranasal mometasone relieves itchy ear and palate, commonly reported with seasonal allergic rhinitis

Is nasal saline irrigation all it is cracked up to be? Small clinical benefit, with minimal side effects

Analysis of mite allergic patients in a diverse territory by improved diagnostic tools:

Treatment Options for Allergic Rhinitis and Non-Allergic Rhinitis (click to enlarge the image):

The articles were selected from my Twitter and Google Reader streams. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

Image source: Illustration for "Aquiline or Roman Nose", Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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