Heavy metal and peanut allergy

If Deep Purple are the founders of hard rock, Black Sabbath are the fathers of heavy metal. However, allergy does not spare anyone - 20-40% of the general population may have symptoms of allergic rhinitis at some point during their lifetime. Food allergy specifically can strike at anytime. Here is the the Black Sabbath bassist "Geezer" Butler's reflection on food allergy while on 2012 reunion tour:

"Excellent gig tonight in Oslo - everyone was firing on all cylinders, the best crowd yet. Only down point was that our driver was allergic to peanuts, so when Adam celebrated by breaking out the peanut M&M’s, the driver got sick, and had to pull over at the side of the highway to take his medicine."

Strict avoidance is the best measure to avoid anaphylaxis if you have food allergy. Always carry an EpiPen.

Video: The Making of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man":

To continue with medical news, Black Sabbath's guitarist and main songwriter, Tony Iommi, joined the 2012 reunion tour after he recovered from therapy for lymphoma.

8 foods cause 90% of food allergies (click to enlarge the image). The likelihood of a negative oral food challenge is shown in relation to the respective values of skin prick test (SPT) and serum IgE (sIgE):

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