Top articles about food allergy in April 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about food allergy in April 2012:

Birth in the fall is associated with increased risk of food allergy, low vitamin D may play a role

Food allergy - international consensus statement - free full text

Peanut allergy: IgG and IgG4 do not seem to indicate tolerance or protection from sensitization

Eosinophilic esophagitis induced by milk oral immunotherapy - 3 case reports

The predictive value of skin prick testing for challenge-proven food allergy: A systematic review (only abstract available)

Dendritic cells were discovered 40 years ago, yet our understanding of the role of DCs in food allergy is very limited. They may provide they key to making OIT for food allergy more effective and safer

Breathe easy when managing patients with allergies - when to refer to an allergist?

Inadvertent exposures in children with peanut allergy - annual incidence rate of accidental exposure is 12.5%

Epinephrine IM injection in the thigh (but not the upper arm) results in fastest rise of blood levels of epinephrine

“All of us make IgG to the foods we eat, and they are not related to disease, including food intolerance”

The 79 authors of WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY cover all aspects of allergic disease. I’m honored to be 1 of them, the book is free to download

The articles were selected from my Twitter and Google Reader streams.

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