More Adults Are Developing Food Allergies for the First Time in Their Lives

From CBS News:

6% of kids and 3% of adults may have food allergies.

There are a few inaccuracies in the video.

Get the facts right:

1. Generally, the skin prick test is 30% more sensitive than the blood IgE test (with a cuttoff point of 0.35).

Comparison of diagnostic methods for peanut, egg, and milk allergy - skin prick test (SPT) vs. specific IgE (sIgE) (click to see the spreadsheet). Sensitivity of blood allergy testing is 25-30% lower than that of skin testing, based on comparative studies (CCJM 2011).

2. If a person eats a food, without symptoms of food allergy, in most cases there is no need to stop the food even if the skin test or the blood test is positive.

See a board-certified allergist to get a correct diagnosis and the best possible care.


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