Dust mite allergen avoidance

Up to 40% of the world's population has been diagnosed with an allergic disease. The most prevalent allergy is to house dust mites (http://buff.ly/1jSF5Y6).

Dust mite allergen avoidance. The main allergen is in the dust mite feces. Use 3 control measures for 3-6 months to see an effect on the allergy symptoms (click to enlarge the image).

House dust mite sensitization in toddlers predicts wheeze at age 12 years (JACI, 2011).

Dust mite, more than foods, may be the major cause of allergic atopic dermatitis (http://goo.gl/48TgN).


The efficacy of dust mite covers and hot water wash environmental control procedures http://goo.gl/CvIIk

Dust mite-impermeable mattress covers alone are not very helpful - a complex approach with 3-4 measures is needed http://goo.gl/nr3TW -- House dust mite impermeable bedding as an isolated intervention is unlikely to offer benefit (Allergy, 2011).

Millions suffer 'home fever' as allergy epidemic begins to bite - dust mites account for 58% of household allergies. The Independent, 2011.

Millions of people are 'allergic to their own home' (dust mites) http://goo.gl/3DOW6 - Good review of the evidence by NHS.

27% of individuals in the United States are sensitive to dust mite. AAAAI Ask the Expert, 2011.

Dust mites: Lifestyle and home remedies - Excellent summary by Mayo Clinic.

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