Differences in allergen immunotherapy practices between the United States and Europe

In regards to allergen specific immunotherapy (SIT), there are significant differences between Europe and the United States in:

- allergen extract regulation
- standardization
- formulation
- types of allergen extracts
- routes of administration
- reimbursement

Most SIT is formulated in US allergists' offices, whereas virtually all SIT is formulated by extract manufacturers in Europe.

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) represents 45% of SIT treatment in Europe but only a small percentage of US allergists (approximately 5.9%) prescribe SLIT.

What are the 4 standardized allergen extracts?

(A) Dog
(B) Trees
(C) Cat
(D) Molds
(E) Dust Mite
(F) Grass
(G) Ragweed

The 4 standardized extracts are Cat, Dust Mite, Grass and Ragweed.

Comparison of allergen immunotherapy practice patterns in the United States and Europe. Cox, Linda; Jacobsen, Lars. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Volume 103, Number 6, December 2009 , pp. 451-460(10).
Image source: OpenClipArt.org, public domain.

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