Loratadine/montelukast start working in 1 hour and 15 minutes in allergic rhinitis

Onset of action is important for allergic rhinitis (AR) medications.

A single-center, double-blind, study of ragweed-sensitive AR subjects (n = 310) was performed in the Environmental Exposure Unit (EEU) where they were exposed to ragweed pollen.

The onset of action of loratadine/montelukas (L/M) for total symptom score (TSS) was 1 hour and 15 minutes (p = 0.005 versus placebo). L/M was well tolerated.

Medications for Allergic Rhinitis.

Onset of action of loratadine/montelukast in seasonal allergic rhinitis subjects exposed to ragweed pollen in the Environmental Exposure Unit. Day, James H.; Briscoe, Maureen P.; Ratz, Jodan D.; Ellis, Anne K.; Yao, Ruji; Danzig, Melvyn. Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, Volume 30, Number 3, May/June 2009 , pp. 270-276(7).
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  1. Not relevant if not a randomized study (abstract does not tell). The well-known neuro-psychiatric AEs of montelukast will not show in such a small single-dose study. Seems like marketing-reseach to me!