Chinese herbs for treatment of asthma and food allergy

The JACI article author looked at the following Chinese herbal remedies for asthma:

- Modified Mai Men Dong Tang, a Chinese herbal formula (combination of herbs)
- Ding Chuan Tang, a Chinese herbal decoction
- STA-1, a Chinese herbal medicine formula containing 10 herbs
- Sophora Flavescens Ait, a S flavescens, sophora root extract

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal remedies have been attracting significant interest in the West for years. According to the author, new clinical trials designed according to well-established scientific standards show the potential of TCM formulas to be efficacious and safe alternatives/complements to standard Western therapy for asthma and possibly food anaphylaxis.

In a review of the current experimental therapies for food allergy, Nature claims that the Mount Sinai research group hopes to bring Chinese herbal formula to the market in 2013, bypassing the FDA approval process (

However, I ran a search for "Chinese formula for food allergy" and there is not much new inPubmed, apart from a review in the Mount Sinai's own journal, Mt Sinai J Med. 2011 Sep-Oct;78(5):697-716.

The search for "herbal formula food allergy" brings better results, including a small phase I study, again by the Mount Sinai group, that did not evaluate clinical efficacy, which is typical of the phase I trials.

Food allergy herbal formula (FAHF-2) contains 9 herbs and is currently in trials. 

The use of parasitic worms for treating allergic diseases was also disappointing in a recent study.


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Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

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