Which Cephalosporins to Use in Penicillin Allergy?

Although allergy to antibiotics is commonly claimed, true allergy to these drugs is often absent http://buff.ly/1tIbcTl

Newer studies suggest that cephalosporins without a beta-lactam side chain may be used relatively safely in patients who are allergic to to penicillin (PCN)

First, it is important to collect a good history and establish that a true allergic reaction to PCN took place. Many patients say they are allergic when in reality they are not. A true allergic reaction to PCN is IgE-mediated and includes any of the following:

- bronchospasm
- angioedema
- hypotension
- urticaria
- pruritic rash

Most PCN allergies are related to the beta-lactam side chain. Therefore, the following cephalsporins which all contain a beta-lactam chain carry a high risk for cross-reactivity and should be avoided:

- Cephalexin
- Cefadroxil
- Ceflaclor
- Cephradine
- Cefprozil
- Ceftriaxone
- Cefpodoxime

Certain cephalosporins can be used cautiously in PCN-allergic patients (using a modified challenge protocol):

- Cefazolin
- Cefuroxime
- Cefdinir
- Cefixime
- Ceftibuten


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