A/I Topics in the Media

Allergy explosion alarms specialists. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 15/05/2007.

Eight percent of children may have food allergies. Allergy specialists are trying to figure out why and are considering the theory that an overly clean lifestyle could be the reason (the hygiene hypothesis). See the video.

Taking the country cure. Roger Dobson , The Times, June 23, 2007.

Why do rural children have fewer allergies than townies? A study at King Abdulaziz University, in Saudi Arabia, found that eating at fast food outlets, a low intake of milk and vegetables, were all significant risk factors for wheezy illness.

Driving On Allergy Medications. NBC 4.

"Spring brings a wonderful change of season...plus a head full of runny nose, watery eyes, and scratchy throat. So you reach for the Benadryl or the Actifed or the Chlor-trimeton. But do you know how these drugs really affect activities such as driving? We found out."

Tree allergy puts woman in coma. The Press, New Zealand.

"Elsbeth Tothill, known as Jimmo, is in Christchurch's Hospital's Intensive Care Unit suffering from severe hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a respiratory disease, possibly caused by exposure to silver birch pollen."

Suffering allergy misery this summer? Rocky Mountain News, June 15, 2007.

"The grass pollination "usually starts to settles down toward the end of July. And then we hit the weeds."

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