Time for a paradigm shift in asthma guidelines: tools to monitor asthma across the lifespan

From JACI:

Here are some tools that may help achieve asthma control:

- assessment of lung function over time or defining trajectories of lung growth
- the Composite Asthma Severity Index score,
- a panel of useful biomarkers
- the Seasonal Asthma Exacerbation Prediction Index score
- rapidly advancing technology that includes adherence monitoring

Future guideline revisions should consider incorporating the following:

- follow spirometry over time to define trajectories of lung growth to assess risk for reduced lung growth and early decline
- asthma burden by using biomarkers to select and monitor therapy
- assessment of social determinants of health
- evaluation of risk for seasonal exacerbations
- consideration of electronic adherence monitoring for difficult-to-manage asthma


Asthma across the lifespan: Time for a paradigm shift https://buff.ly/2MTjRCi

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