When to stop oral steroids before a patch test for contact dermatitis? 14 days

Preparing for the Patch Test

- Your skin on the back should be clear from rashes for 2 weeks before the test if possible.

- Avoid exposing your back to the sun for 1 week before the testing.

Stop these medicines for 14 days before the test:
- Oral corticosteroids. You must be off oral cortisone (prednisone) for at least 2 weeks prior to initial testing.

Stop these medicines for 7 days before your appointment:
- topical steroids to the back

Stop these medicines for 3-5 days before the test:
- Non-steroid anti-inflammatories

The manufacturer of TRUE patch test also advises to stop antihistamines.

Do not apply any ointments, creams or lotions to the back 4 hours before the appointment.


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