Food allergy - top articles for November/December 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about food allergy for November/December 2012:

Recommendations regarding influenza vaccination for persons who report allergy to eggs

Study proposes COLAP as a new diagnostic tool for GI food allergy. COLAP stands for colonoscopic allergen provocation

First Voice-Guided Epinephrine Injector - the size of a credit card and the thickness of a cell telephone

Consumption of peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy might decrease the risk of allergic disease in children

Restriction of food products in the classroom to prevent food allergic reactions not a good idea - AAAAI Ask the Expert

Siblings and dog exposure in the first year of life decrease the risk of egg allergy

FPIES challenges are problematic: emesis and dehydration require fluid resuscitation in 50% of reactive challenges

Anaphylaxis after contact with a vomited food allergen -- First report of anaphylaxis to food ingested by another person.

Wheat-Dependent Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis Sensitized with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in Soap

Anaphylaxis in an emergency setting: foods are frequent elicitors of severe allergic reactions in general population. Anaphylaxis in the ED: a strong underuse of adrenaline by emergency physicians, not reflecting treatment protocols

Steaming, spicing, or tea boiling weaken the allergenicity of egg proteins

"Allergy Action Plan: Bring The Paperwork To Life" (video)

Peanut allergy: Patients with a positive SPT greater than the 95% PPV do not need an Arah2 testing undertaken

More evidence flu shot is safe for the egg-allergic. Egg-allergic kids should get the flu shot from a doctor who can recognize and, if needed, treat a severe reaction

Cow's milk is the most expensive allergic disease due to the cost of infant formulae (study)

Unusual form of IgE-mediated anaphylaxis triggered by low-molecular-weight oligosaccharides in cow's milk formula

The articles were selected from my Twitter stream @Allergy and Google Reader RSS subscriptions. Some of the top allergy accounts on Twitter contributed links. I appreciate the curation provided by @JuanCIvancevich @AllergyNet @IgECPD4 @DrAnneEllis @AACMaven @AllergieVoeding @allergistmommy @mrathkopf @wheezemd.

Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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