Recurrent Trends in Allergy-related Searches on Google

Update from 2014: An article exploring a similar concept was published 7 years later, our poster was presented at 2009 ACAAI. Here is the paper: Internet searches and allergy: temporal variation in regional pollen counts correlates with Google searches for pollen allergy related terms - Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Google Blogoscoped writes about human predictability trends seen in Google searches:

"Google Trends shows an interesting search popularity graph for the queries “turkey” (as in turkey, the food) and “diet.” Searches for the traditional turkey meal peak on Thanksgiving followed by a smaller peak on Christmas. The New Year Day's resolutions bring a surge in queries for "diet" every year, over and over again:

There is an interesting correlation between depression and rain:

Searches for "allergy" peak every spring:

Immunization "shots" searches are most popular in October/November:

Not surprisingly, searches for "bee sting" peak every summer:

"Asthma" searches show a double-peak distribution with the highest frequency in spring and winter, with exacerbations triggered by pollens and upper respiratory tract infections, respectively:


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  1. JB Cossart11/27/2007

    Wow - very interesting to see the information we can gather. It feels a bit like taping into some sort of collective conscious


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