Eosinophilic esophagitis (#ACAAI19 Twitter summary)

Kevin Parks MD @kparksmd Presidential Plenary at #ACAAI19 Matt Rank MD on EoE: how long do we continue topical glucocorticoids in responders? Very low quality of evidence, but the committee recommends continuing treatment in responders. In our Oregon experience, adherence is low in responders.
Dr Rank: very few studies compare TCS vs PPI in EoE. In the 2 trials that attempt to address this, no significant difference in outcomes between the treatement groups were observed. No comment yet about the value of PPI as a steroid-sparing strategy (but I bet he'll address it).

Gerald Lee MD @DrGerryLee @MatthewRankMD presents a forest plot of the response of EoE to PPI - very heterogeneous, leading to the conditional recommendation of PPI. Biomarkers are sorely needed to predict response to therapy, especially since biopsy is how efficacy is measured!

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