Contact Dermatitis (#ACAAI19 Twitter summary)

Kevin Parks MD @kparksmd Whitney High MD from University of Colorado on contact dermatitis - it's always a gamble when you attend a talk from a dermatopathologist. "This pink stuff is the dermis." These guys are awesome.

Dr High: "Sometimes in dermatology we can't figure out severe seborrheic dermatitis vs really bad scalp psoriasis, so we give up and call it sebopsoriasis" - this guy is a self-aware dermatologist.

Sharon Jacob MD: TRUE test under-calls formaldehyde contact allergy due to volatility of the chemical. Finn chambers are more sensitive if we suspect formaldehyde allergy.

Dr Jacob: induration without erythema meets criteria for a positive patch test on day 5.

KristinSokolMD @kristinkrasnow Natural skin care does not equal safe skin care. Hypoallergenic, sensitive skin care, organic clean skincare - these terms don’t mean much.

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