Case Simulation for the Education on Anaphylaxis Management (#ACAAI19 Twitter summary)

Dr. Ellis @DrAnneEllis: Gearing up to moderate/facilitate my new favourite workshop "Hands On - The use of Case Simulation for the Education of Allergic Emergencies - Spotlight on Anaphylaxis".

Simulation for Anaphylaxis Management is a tremendous tool. Studies has shown simulation to be more effective than classroom training and increases closed loop communication, teamwork skills, confidence in managing life-threatening events.

Direct observations of simulated emergencies allows detection of critical errors with risk of real harm to a real patient.

Technicians with high fidelity simulators can be the "voice of the patient". Cyanosis, wheezing, rashes can emerge on the mannequin.

In one study - only half of trainees in an internal medicine program going through a simulation scenario of anaphylaxis recognized the diagnosis, only half of those gave epinephrine.

In another study, epinephrine dosing errors were noted in 46 - 94% of participants.

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