Cannabis allergy (#ACAAI19 Twitter summary)

Atoosa Kourosh @AllergyHealth: 30% of patients with true cannabis allergy will test negative to Can S 3 so it’s good to send component testing from and

Nicole Ramsey @IDnibbler Xolair effective for cannabis allergy in a police officer who was unable to avoid exposure at work. Children with asthma can be allergic to MJ smoked by their parents. This has been proven by basophil activation test in a recent report. Short term mj smoking acts like a bronchodilator (such as albuterol) but long term effects are more obstructive or COPD-like. No sig change in PFTs or CXR however vs cigarette use.

E-cigarette use causes significant pulmonary toxicity. Marijuana smoking is actually worse for you than nicotine cigarettes. Vaping and e-cigarette use is increasing nicotine addiction NOT decreasing it, as was originally intended.

Since recreational use was legalized in CO, mj use remained the same and alcohol and cigarette use has decreased.

LTP syndrome can be seen associated with MJ exposure. Kiwi banana avocado are also implicated in OAS.

Atoosa Kourosh @AllergyHealth: We are seeing more allergic reactions to marijuana products. Several Allergens identified in Cannabis thus far but reaction to Can S 3 may be predictive of systemic reaction and plant food syndrome to peach, peanut, apple. Important to distinguish between symptoms of cannabis ingestion and allergic reaction.

Nicole Ramsey @IDnibbler: Important point for allergists skin testing marijuana in states where it is recreationally legal. It is still federally illegal so could cause issues with your institution.

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