Physician Wellness - Twitter summary from #ACAAI18 meeting

Listening to Drs Marshall, O'Holloren, Blaiss, and Shepherd speak on Physician Wellness: Challenges, Threats, and Opportunities:

Physician Burnout - Now affects about 54% of physicians and occurs across all medical specialities. Very sad statistics - Leading cause of death among male residents and 2nd leading cause among female residents is suicide.

Something has to change. 2016 survey - 73% of physicians day spent on computer/documentation, only 23% direct face to face time with the patient.

Students entering med school have better mental health than average college grad. This reverses by 2nd year of medical school when they have worse mental health. Burnout in physicians is twice as high as other career fields .

Other countries report higher satisfaction with EHRs. What’s different? Across the same EHR, clinical notes in US are 400% longer than those in other countries. Overdocumentation is killing us.

Dr O’Hallaren explains that added regulatory requirements w EHR add stress to providers.

If you are a physician leader you can help your peers that are feeling burnout: see what you can do in this slide:

Physician Wellness - “The most important patient we have to take care of is the one in the mirror” Robert Wah, MD.

From EJ Krall “Ten Commandments of Physician Wellness”:

Tips from Dr Blaiss on achieving physician wellness:

From Dr Blaiss are: burnout - get rid of time wasters such as email, mail, calls/texts, physician interruptions, disorganization, procrastination, repetitive activities, commuting. Block a specific time of day to address necessary issues but not during patient care time.

Resilience Strategies to combat burnout revolve around social support, exercise, sleep, diet, and meditation. Dr Blaiss suggests daily meditation to help docs increase resilience to help physician wellness.

Learning to communicate better with your patients can decrease stress and burnout: ICARE mnemonic:

This is a Twitter summary from #ACAAI18 meeting based on tweets by the following allergists:
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Interventions that promote longevity, remembered by mnemonic: DEEP purple - “eat colorful plant foods: Dietary modification, Exercise, active Engagement, Purposeful living (click here to enlarge the image).

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