IVIG and SCIG Therapies and Personalization of Application - Twitter summary from the 2019 WSAAI meeting

This is a Twitter summary from the 2019 WSAAI meeting. This summary was compiled from the tweets posted by Matthew Bowdish @MatthewBowdish and Ray Firszt @RayFirszt, who attended the 2019 Western Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (WSAAI) meeting. The tweets were labeled #WSAAI. The text was edited by me.

IVIG and SCIG Therapies and Personalization of Application.

Jordan Orange presented An Update on Ig Therapies and Personalization of Application.

Pneumococcal titer tests might not be very accurate (JACI 2018 study). This is obviously very problematic. Commercial labs appear to differ in their results. It's deeply disturbing when you see the discordant values between two different labs for the same 45 samples: https://twitter.com/MatthewBowdish/status/1088626584494297088

QoL in CVID remains lower even after IgG replacement. 20% of CVID patients were bothered by their IgG replacement treatment - how can we fix it?

PIDD patients who believe they have health problems do not live as long. And CVID pts have lower QoL than the general population. If patients are getting regular IVIg therapy and access to specialist care, they have better perception of health. Those who have no infections or ER visits in the last 12 months, they tend to have excellent perception of health. “How are you?” is complicated. Better question may be “How do you perceive your health?” https://twitter.com/MatthewBowdish/status/1088634330983714816

Can we get all of this right to improve outcomes? https://twitter.com/MatthewBowdish/status/1088634719057526784

Patient perceptions do matter!

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