Angioedema - Twitter summary from #CSACI18 meeting

Twitter summary:

Dr. Jonathan Bernstein now presenting on bradykinin receptors - B2R is constitutively present, expressed in many tissues.

Factor XIIa initiates a cascade leading to bradykinin formation. Kallikrein regulates the conversion of Factor XII to Factor XIIa.

There are individuals have been identified with a congenital deficiency of prekallikrein - no apparent clinical complications attributable to detect - aPTT prolonged on lab test but no associated clinical significance.

Current treatment strategies in hereditary angioedema - on demand acute treatment vs. prophylaxis.

In phase III trials for HAE - lanadelumab, oral kallikrein inhibitors (avoralstat and bcx7353) and a new subcutaneous C1 inhibitor.

Lanadelumab - shown in Phase III to have a significant reduction in the mean HAE attack rate and increased numbers of attack-free patients. Editor's note: lanadelumab is FDA-approved in the U.S. as of 2018.

As our understanding of HAE pathophysiology increases, the management will continue to evolve.

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