Chronic sinusitis - Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting

This is a Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting. The post is a part of series. See the rest here:

Several allergists did a great job posting updates on Twitter from the 2016 meeting of ACAAI, the hashtag was #ACAAI16. I used the website Symplur to review the tweets:

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Presentation handouts are available from the ACAAI website:

Dupilumab may be an effective agent in minimizing nasal polyps - very difficult disease to treat with currently available medications. Dupilimab was not only studied and effective for eczema, but also for CRS with nasal polyps, as well as asthma.

@texasgregmd: Dupilumab cost would be $25,000 per year.

Budesonide 2 mg sinus rinse daily for 12 months - safe without HPA axis suppression

Off-label use of budesonide sinus rinses safe even in long-term use, though some had clinically insignificant adrenal suppression.

5% per year risk of developing asthma in chronic rhinosinusitis. Surgery may be disease-modifying.

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