Asthma - Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting

This is a Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting. The post is a part of series. See the rest here:

Several allergists did a great job posting updates on Twitter from the 2016 meeting of ACAAI, the hashtag was #ACAAI16. I used the website Symplur to review the tweets:


Presentation handouts are available from the ACAAI website:

@TevaUSA: Asthma costs the United States $56 billion each year.

Patients with asthma report being well controlled until symptoms occur 12-19 days/month! Goal for all should be symptoms less than 2 times per week.

1 in 3 asthma patients report that symptoms interfere with school or work at least once per week. Yet, 80% are satisfied with care. Huge disconnect.

Asthma clinicians need to stop assuming what patients are concerned about and start asking them: What matters to you?

It is 2016 and statistics show that 10 Americans will die from asthma today. And every day thereafter. This is NOT acceptable.

@allergyasthmahq: Bryan Martin, DO, @ACAAI President, discussed trends in asthma, including how where you live matters--the "Habitat Hypothesis."

President Bryan Martin on presented asthma disparities - the disease is very different based upon where you live. Environment matters! Is increase in asthma due to affluence? Less primitive lifestyles (hygiene hypothesis) associated with more asthma/allergies.

Research suggests a possible link between a Western diet and asthma morbidity in adults, says @ACAAI President Bryan Martin, DO. What to tell asthma patients: reduce triggers by improving indoor air, increase exercise.

Exposures (partial list) associated with increased asthma prevalence: Pollution Ozone Pollen Diet Obesity Vitamin D Cigarette smoke. There is so much focus on asthma meds, so little focus on environmental assessment & control measures. HUGE role in achieving control.

Docs: "Asthma meds work - use this. Patients: I'm not so sure I: 1.Need them 2. Won't have side effects with them."

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