Therapy for food allergy - Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting

Dr Nadeau presented review of new immunotherapy for treating food allergy. Potential food allergy therapies in this slide:

AR101 - 100% of patients tolerated 443g (2 peanuts) and 78% tolerated the challenge (equivalent to 1g or a peanut butter cookie)

Possible biologics for peanut allergy in this slide:

There is evidence the prevalence of peanut #allergy is not on the rise from comparison of longitudinal cohorts

LEAP study: Peanut recommended to be introduced starting around 4-6 months

Guidelines for peanut introduction changing. Introduce early, test if indicated.

Peanut allergy guideline coming out Jan 2017

However, does LEAP study applies to other foods? Early egg introduction has mixed evidence, trend towards benefit in non-eczema group but towards harm in eczema group. Very mixed picture when it comes to using hydrolyzed formula vs cow's milk formula in eczema. No clear benefit.

Socioeconomic disparity in food allergy:

Income and race influence how we utilize healthcare and incur costs:

This is a Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting. The post is a part of series. See the rest here:

Several allergists did a great job posting updates on Twitter from the 2016 meeting of ACAAI, the hashtag was #ACAAI16. I used the website Symplur to review the tweets:

@docalergias @drstanfineman @drsilge

Presentation handouts are available from the ACAAI website:

Adverse Food Reactions (click to enlarge the image).

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