Coding and legislation issues for US allergists - Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting

Helpful lecture on coding (US) for reimbursement: T48.6X6S --> underdosing Z91.120 --> financial hardship

USP requirements for allergy IT in this slide:

What MACRA means to allergists - timeline in this slide:

MACRA exempt for allergists for now - less than 30K in Medicare claims OR less than 100 Medicare patients:

Preparing for MACRA, slide:

Medicare physician fee schedule 2017, increase 9 cents per RVU

Dr Kagen on working with the USP, USP was founded by physicians in 1820 in DC. USP standards:

USP goals:

No contamination in 78,000 extracts prepared on countertop:

@choirdoc: After 2017, ABAI will no longer have secure "high-stakes" exam every 10 years. Will send articles, followed by test. Rational.

This is a Twitter summary from #ACAAI16 meeting. The post is a part of series. See the rest here:

Several allergists did a great job posting updates on Twitter from the 2016 meeting of ACAAI, the hashtag was #ACAAI16. I used the website Symplur to review the tweets:

@docalergias @dryesimdem

Presentation handouts are available from the ACAAI website:

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