The next generation sequencing of microbiome of lower airways

For many years, the human lower airways were considered a sterile environment where the presence of microorganisms was interpreted as an abnormal health state. Not anymore.

High-throughput sequencing-based studies have led to a shift in this perception. Even in healthy conditions the lower airways show either a transient presence or a permanent colonization by microorganisms.

This review summarizes the methodology pertinent to high-throughput sequencing studies, based on amplicon sequencing, and discusses good practices and common pitfalls:

The study of the human lower airway microbiome is still in its infancy.


The microbiome of the human lower airways: a next generation sequencing perspective.
Velma T. E. Aho et al. World Allergy Organization Journal 2015, 8:23, free full text.

Image source: Lungs, Wikipedia, public domain.

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