Food allergy - top articles for August-September 2013

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about food allergy for August-September 2013:

Basophil reactivity, wheal size, and immunoglobulin levels distinguish degrees of cow's milk tolerance. The majority of patients with milk allergy (75%) are able to tolerate some forms of baked milk in their diets. Casein- and milk-specific IgE level, milk-specific basophil reactivity, and milk SPT wheal diameter are all significantly greater among patients with milk allergy who react to baked milk than among those who tolerate it.

Threshold dose distributions for 5 major allergenic foods in children. The protein dose at which 5% of the allergic population is likely to respond with objective reactions was 1.6 mg for peanut, 1.1 mg for cow’s milk, 1.5 mg for hen’s egg, 7.4 mg for cashew nut, and 0.29 mg for hazelnut.

The diagnostic value of specific IgE to Ara h 2: the need for peanut challenges could be reduced by at least 50%

Peanut oral immunotherapy modifies IgE and IgG4 responses to major peanut allergens

Sublingual immunotherapy for peanut allergy: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter trial. After 44 weeks, peanut SLIT safely induced a modest level of desensitization in a majority of subjects compared with placebo

Anaphylaxis from ingestion of mites: Pancake anaphylaxis

Can we produce true tolerance in patients with food allergy?

One in three kids with food allergies reported being bullied

'Banana ban' at BBC after one member of staff suffers allergy

A DBPCFC is not suitable to establish the diagnosis WDEIA probably because of the low maximum dose of wheat that can be masked in a food matrix and the presence of concomitant factors in real life. The presence of specific IgE to ω-5 gliadine 0.89 kU/L is not sufficient to establish the diagnosis of WDEIA.

Serum diamine oxidase (DAO) activity as a diagnostic test for histamine intolerance

Another Egg-Free Flu Vaccine Approved by FDA

The Evolution, and Revolution, of Flu Vaccines - No Eggs

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