What is the likelihood of remission of childhood asthma? 21%

In 1996, a questionnaire was distributed to 3430 parents of all children aged 7 to 8 years in 3 municipalities in Sweden (97% participation rate). 248 children were identified as having asthma and they were reassessed annually until age 19 years when 205 (83%) remained.

Remission was defined as no use of asthma medication and no wheeze during the past 12 months (when reported for 3 or more years in the surveys).

At age 19 years, 21% of children were in remission, 38% had periodic asthma, and 41% persistent asthma. Remission was more common among boys. Sensitization to furred animals and a more severe asthma at age 7-8 years were inversely associated with remission. Among children with these 2 characteristics, 82% had persistent asthma during adolescence.

The low probability of remission of childhood asthma from age 7- to 8-years to age 19 years was determined by sensitization status, particularly sensitization to animals, asthma severity, and female gender.

Not all wheezing is asthma:

Wheezing in Children - Phenotypes (click to enlarge the image).

Next, if the wheezing is asthma, there are different subtypes. Here are the 3 major childhood asthma phenotypes:

Childhood asthma phenotypes (click to enlarge the image).


Remission and Persistence of Asthma Followed From 7 to 19 Years of Age. Martin Andersson et al. Pediatrics, 2013.

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