Food allergy - top articles for December 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about food allergy for December 2012:

We must create a national policy to protect and manage food allergic students at school

Predicting food challenge outcomes for baked milk: skin prick testing is better than sIgE

Among visitors to a food allergy website, 16% of surveyed parents had discussed food oral immunotherapy (OIT) with their allergy provider, and 5% of their children were already on OIT

Effect of oral immunotherapy to peanut on food-specific quality of life (study)

IgE antibodies to Ara h 2 distinguish peanut allergy from asymptomatic peanut sensitization

Anaphylaxis caused by hidden soybean allergens in pillows

Adult Food Allergy: Guidance for Clinicians - a Medscape interview with expert allergist

Advances in food allergy - 2012 Article collections in BioMed Central

Excessive use of dichlorophenol pesticides may contribute to the increasing incidence of food allergies

Identifying infants at high risk of peanut allergy: risk factors include egg allergy and severe eczema

Evaluation of a skin test device designed to be less painful - MultiTest PC ("Pain Control")

Anaphylaxis from ingestion of mites: Pancake anaphylaxis [J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2012]

Trivalent influenza vaccine is safe even in children with histories of severe egg allergy, single dose well tolerated

3.4% prevalence of food allergy in urban minority children

Anaphylaxis following cilantro ingestion

Dr. Matthew Greenhawt: I think that we can confidently say that the injectable trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) is safe for egg allergic individuals, irrespective of a past severe reaction to egg. These individuals can receive the vaccine without vaccine skin testing, and as a single dose.

The articles were selected from my Twitter stream @Allergy and Google Reader RSS subscriptions. Some of the top allergy accounts on Twitter contributed links. I appreciate the curation provided by @JuanCIvancevich @AllergyNet @IgECPD4 @DrAnneEllis @AACMaven @AllergieVoeding @allergistmommy @mrathkopf @wheezemd.

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