Asthma - Twitter summary from Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2012 meeting

Dr. Wade Watson reviewed the updated 2012 Canadian Asthma Guidelines:

The 2012 Update of Canadian Asthma Guidelines included the role of FeNO, sputum for eosinophils and the inclusion of "SMART" use of Symbicort (

Routine FeNO monitoring is not recommended for children, there is not enough benefit. The CTS Guideline: FeNO monitoring is of modest benefit, not for routine use as determinant of asthma control.

In children, step-up to medium dose ICS, then refer to a specialist if still with poor asthma control.

LABA is recommended as add-on to low-dose ICS for adults if asthma is still uncontrolled with ICS alone. The Canadian Asthma Guidelines make no mention of reducing LABA once control achieved.

Doubling of ICS with asthma exacerbations (flares) is not effective. Quadrupling may be, but it is not recommended.

Beta agonist use before activity is now included in the assessment for weekly need for rescue therapy. It should be less than 4 per week.

Twitter summary made possible by @allergydoc4kidz @DrAnneEllis @IgECPD4

Three allergists did a great job posting updates from the 2012 meeting of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (#CSACI): @allergydoc4kidz @DrAnneEllis @IgECPD4. Compared to year 2011, this represents 300% growth in Twitter use by the Canadian allergists. The AAAAI has a larger audience and not surprisingly 30 allergists posted Twitter updates from the 2012 #AAAAI meeting. I used the website “All My Tweets” to review the updated from each allergist, for example:

For comparison, here are the tweets from the 2011 #CSACI meeting:

Comments from Twitter:

David Fischer, MD @IgECPD: Dr Ves has new #CSACI 2012 Summary of our Tweets: this time on Asthma -- As for the 300% increase in #CSACI 2012 Meeting tweets, we'll have to see if we can find another Tweep and have a 400% increase

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