Immunodeficiency - top articles for August 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles about immunodeficiency for August 2012:

Primary immunodeficiency disease can be overlooked for years - one patient's story: - People with primary immunodeficiency also face another hurdle with insurance, largely because antibody replacement therapy is very expensive — $200,000 or more a year.

TLR9 and MyD88 play central role in protective immunity to malaria

Interpretation of antibody response to pneumococcal vaccines - AAAAI Ask the Expert

T(H)17 deficiency leads to chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis - 2012 JACI review - interesting website but not authorship info

In adult community-acquired pneumonia, the most common pneumococcal serotypes implicated were 14, 1, 8, 3, 19A

The reason one gives IgG therapy is to replace missing antibodies, not to build up the protein level of IgG

Prevnar and Pneumovax are not interchangeable when it comes their utility in evaluating humoral immune function

All board-certified allergists / immunologists in the U.S. are certified to treat primary immunodeficiency disorders

Adults with immunocompromising conditions should receive Prevnar 13, PCV13 in addition to Pneumovax 23, PPSV23

Clinical Allergy and Immunology - 2011 free full text review in Ulster Med J.

Combating chronic T-cell exhaustion

The immunological life cycle of tuberculosis

The articles were selected from my Twitter stream @Allergy and Google Reader RSS subscriptions. Some of the top allergy accounts on Twitter contributed links. I appreciate the curation provided by @JuanCIvancevich @AllergyNet @IgECPD4 @DrAnneEllis @AACMaven @AllergieVoeding @allergistmommy @mrathkopf @wheezemd.

Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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