The new intranasal corticosteroids for treatment of allergic rhinitis are safe

Intranasal corticosteroids (INSs) are the most efficacious medication for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

This review summarized topical and systemic adverse events associated with the following INS:

- ciclesonide (CIC) (Omnaris in the U.S.)
- fluticasone furoate (FF) (Veramyst in the U.S.)
- mometasone furoate (MF) (Nasonex in the U.S.)
- triamcinolone acetonide
-fluticasone propionate (Flonase and generic in the U.S.)
- budesonide (Rhinocort in the U.S.)
- beclomethasone dipropionate

No significant topical or systemic complications were observed although none of the included studies were longer 1 year in duration.

The newer formulations of topical corticosteroids for allergic rhinitis, such as CIC, FF, and MF, which have lower systemic bioavailability, may be safer for long-term use.

New studies still do not answer the question if these agents are appropriate for long-term use without oversight by a health care professional (such as over-the counter use which is available in New Zealand, for example).

Treatment Options for Allergic Rhinitis and Non-Allergic Rhinitis (click to enlarge the image).

The author of the article is Michael Blaiss, MD, who runs one of the most popular allergist accounts on Twitter @wheezemd


Safety update regarding intranasal corticosteroids for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Blaiss, Michael S. Allergy Asthma Proc. 2011 Nov-Dec;32(6):413-8.

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