Children born to older mothers (maternal age of 36-40) were protected against developing atopic disease

This study from China evaluated the association between maternal allergic rhinitis (AR) and the allergic conditions in offspring. It included 600 women.

The prevalence of allergic conditions in offspring of mothers diagnosed with AR and asthma was higher than the prevalence observed in children born to mothers presenting with AR only.

Maternal total serum IgE and eosinophil counts were predictive of atopy in offspring.

Children born to mothers presenting with moderate-to-severe AR had the highest risk of developing atopic conditions (OR 6.26).

Maternal age of 25-30 years at delivery was also associated with a higher risk for the allergic disease in offspring compared to maternal age of 36-40 (OR 2.13).

Factors associated with an increased risk of offspring developing allergic conditions:

- severity of maternal AR
- asthma co-morbidity
- elevated serum IgE levels
- nasal eosinophilia
- maternal age

Children born to older mothers were protected against developing atopic disease.


Association between Maternal Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma on the Prevalence of Atopic Disease in Offspring. Wang QP, Wu KM, Li ZQ, Xue F, Chen W, Ji H, Wang BL.. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2011 Nov 24;157(4):379-386.

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Ahmad Gandour - well we know that atopic disease is inherited and mostly a family disease and some atopic disease such as asthma is cured by getting older so it must be something in mother that cause the problem i think we should study the prevalence in cured women with uncured women.

Andrew Nickels @EthicalAllergy: Advantage advanced maternal age:Children of older mothers protected against developing atopic disease

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