Status of pediatric allergy and immunology in Spain

The data of the ISAAC project in Spain show:

- prevalence of childhood asthma of 7-15%
- prevalence of 23-36% for rhinitis
- atopic dermatitis in 4-8% of children
- prevalence of food allergy is 3%

All children in Spain have the right to be evaluated in their National Health System. The medical care at the primary level is provided by pediatricians, who go through a 4-year medical residency training program.

There are currently 112 certified pediatric allergists in Spain, who have obtained the accreditation of the European Union of Medical Specialists. Future specialists in pediatric allergy will obtain their titles through a specific education program to be developed in one of the 4 accredited training units on pediatric allergy, after pediatric residency.

The Spanish Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP) includes 350 pediatric allergists and pediatrician. SEICAP has yearly congresses and protocols. The official journal of SEICAP is Allergologia et Immunophatologia, published every 2months since 1972.

The web site of SEICAP,, open since 2004, received 750 daily visits during 2011.

The pediatric allergy units perform immunotherapy and induction of oral "tolerance" in food allergy.


Nieto A, Mazon A, Martin-Mateos MA, Plaza A-M, Garde J, Alonso E, Martorell A, Boquete M, Lorente F, Ibero M, Bone J, Pamies R, Garcia JM, Echeverria L, Nevot S, Martinez-CaƱavate A, Fernandez-Benitez M, Garcia-Marcos L. Pediatric allergy and immunology in Spain. Pediatric Allergy Immunology 2011; 22: 742-750.

Image source:, public domain.

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Dr John Weiner @AllergyNet: Like in tennis, the Spanish punch above their weight in allergy/immunology

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