Inhaled steroids for 6 months may affect bone status of female asthmatic patients

The effect of inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) on the bone status of asthmatic patients is still uncartain. In this Japanes study, the bone status of ICS users with asthma with ultrasound measurements of calcaneus with AOS-100.

The ratio of the osteo sono-assessment index (OSI) to the average OSI corrected for age and gender was noted. The second %OSI measurement was performed 6 months after the first %OSI one.

During the 6-month study period, individual treatment remained unchanged.

There were no differences in the 1st and 2nd %OSI between the ICS users and control subjects. However, the 2nd %OSI decreased compared with 1st %OSI in female ICS users. There were no changes in the male ICS users.

The researchers concluded that 6 month management of asthma with regular ICS use, might have a harmful influence on the bone status of female asthmatic patients.

Asthma Inhalers (click to enlarge the image).


Assessment of Bone Status in Inhaled Corticosteroid User Asthmatic Patients with an Ultrasound Measurement Method. Sasagawa M, Hasegawa T, Kazama JI, Koya T, Sakagami T, Suzuki K, Hara K, Satoh H, Fujimori K, Yoshimine F, Satoh K, Narita I, Arakawa M, Gejyo F, Suzuki E. Allergol Int. 2011 June.
Image source: Flickr, Creative Commons license.

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CERTIFIED Allergy @allergysa: I'm going to have to calculate what the actual ATTRIBUTABLE risk would be. I've never liked relative risk as a measuring stick.

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