Transcription errors from allergy and immunology clinic notes

Here are some examples of transcription errors noted in allergy and immunology clinic dictations:

- "he had 67 pneumonias". It was supposed to be "6-7 pneumonias".

- "he needs to use the inhaler every 4-6 years". It was supposed to be "every 4-6 hours".

- "he is allergic to pot". It was supposed to be "he is allergic to weed", according to his allergist.

- "subtle light lesions". It was supposed to be "satellite lesions".

Always double check for errors.

Comments from Twitter:

@AllergieVoeding: pot is the often used pseudonym. Daily used here in Holland.

@DrVes: The thing is the patient from that transcription was allergic to ragweed and weeds, not to "pot" (marijuana, "weed").

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