FEF25%-75% cutoff value of less than 58% predicts bronchial involvement in patients with allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis (AR) may be considered a risk factor for the onset of asthma. Recently, it has been reported that forced expiratory flow between 25% and 75% of vital capacity (FEF25%−75%) may predict a positive response to bronchodilation test in asthmatic children. Bronchial hyperreactivity (BHR) is frequently detected in AR patients.

360 patients with allergic rhinitis (AR) were evaluated in this Italian study:

- 66% had ”positive” results for bronchodilation test
- FEF25%−75% was abnormal in 21%
- 21% had severe BHR

An FEF25%−75% cutoff value of less than 58% of predicted may discriminate patients with both severe BHR and reversibility.

This study suggests a role of FEF25%−75% as a marker of early bronchial involvement in patients with persistent allergic rhinitis. FEF25%−75% value of less than 58% of predicted may suggest the co-existence of severe BHR and reversibility.


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Image source: Spirometry, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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