Half Dose Honeybee Venom Immunotherapy (50 mcg) May Be Effective in Children

Allergen immunotherapy was introduced by Leonard Noon 100 years ago and is the only disease-modifying treatment for allergic individuals (Allergy, 2012).

Honeybee venom immunotherapy with 50 micrograms, half the recommended dose, may prevent systemic reactions in children.

This dose prevented systemic reactions in 86% (38/44) of children and 94% of stings after honeybee venom immunotherapy.

"Comparing our results with patients with honeybee venom allergy who received 100 micrograms, the rates of protection with 50-microgram venom immunotherapy for field stings appear similar", said the researchers.

As many as 1 in 100 children may have systemic allergic reactions to insect stings, and about 40% of children who have moderate-to-severe reactions need ongoing venom immunotherapy.


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