Allergy to pizza: uncommon, multifaceted and difficult to diagnose

The involvement of the Italian "pizza" in food allergy is uncommon. This simple Italian dish consists of a breadlike crust covered by a spiced preparation of cheese and tomatoes and baked.

In the beginning, pizza was the food of the poor, but was made with natural foods, but nowadays has been enriched by a number of ingredients and flavourings, thus multiplying the risk of allergic reactions.

I recommend the following approach:

- careful review of the list of ingredients and skin prick test and/or specific IgE test (blood test) with the suspected ingredients

- prick-puncture test with the food product. "Prick-to-prick" skin test testing with the fresh food in question can enhance the sensitivity of the skin test (AAAAI Ask the Expert, 2012).

- open label food challenge, if the risk of anaphylaxis is low


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