School-based asthma education improves knowledge and self-management of the disease

Asthma self-management education is critical for high-quality asthma care for children.

Most studies in this meta-analysis that compared asthma education to usual care found that school-based asthma education improved:

- knowledge of asthma
- self-efficacy
- self-management behaviors

Fewer studies reported favorable effects on quality of life (4 of 8 studies), days of symptoms (5 of 11 studies), nights with symptoms (2 of 4 studies), and school absences (5 of 17 studies).

Do School-Based Asthma Education Programs Improve Self-Management and Health Outcomes? PEDIATRICS Vol. 124 No. 2 August 2009, pp. 729-742 (doi:10.1542/peds.2008-2085).
Asthma educations of urban adults with moderate or severe asthma: FEV1 and quality of life improved by 6%. JACI, 2011.
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

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@harriet75: Yup, I created on in NYC that used Drama to teach kids about asthma.

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