Urticaria Severity Score (USS) for quantifying urticaria severity

Despite the existence of numerous quality-of-life questionnaires, there is a need for a simple and validated tool for evaluation and monitoring patients with chronic urticaria.

The Urticaria Severity Score (USS) is a new chronic urticaria-specific questionnaire that has 12 questions and 7 response options per question.

The USS was pilot-tested in 28 patients with symptomatic chronic urticaria. A modified version was tested in 80 patients and compared with the validated Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI).

There was a positive correlation between the USS and DLQI at baseline (r = 0.64) and follow-up (r = 0.69).

The USS was more sensitive in detecting symptom improvement than the DLQI.

The study authors concluded that the USS is a valid and reliable instrument for monitoring urticaria severity. The USS is more sensitive than the DLQI for quantifying urticaria severity.

The Urticaria Severity Score: a sensitive questionnaire/index for monitoring response to therapy in patients with chronic urticaria. Jariwala SP, Moday H, de Asis ML, Fodeman J, Hudes G, de Vos G, Rosenstreich D. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2009 Jun;102(6):475-82.
Image source: Urticaria, Wikipedia, public domain.


  1. I have CIU, where can I get a copy of the USS questionnaire.

  2. Anonymous2/08/2011

    The original article is here:


    The full text of the journal is available to subscribers only. You can get a copy, or read the article, at a nearby medical library. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol is one of the major journals in the specialty, and should be available there.