How to use a nose spray - video

The National Asthma Council Australia launched new instructional 'how to' videos - Using Your Nasal Inhaler.

Nosebleeds are among the most commonly reported adverse effect of intranasal corticosteroid sprays. However, they tend to result from incorrect positioning of the device ("hitting" the septum in the middle), rather than an adverse reaction to the medication.

Common errors to avoid when using a nose spray include the following:

- forgetting to prime the spray device;
- skipping doses
- wrong head position (should be tilted forward, not back)
- pushing nozzle too hard or too far into the nose;
- blowing nose hard after spraying (the medicine is lost)
- sniffing hard after spraying (the medicine is deposited in the throat instead of the nose)
- using saline sprays or irrigations after using corticosteroid spray, instead of before

Using your Nasonex

Using your Veramyst (Avamys in Australia)

Using your Rhinocort

Intranasal corticosteroid spray technique
Using your asthma inhaler

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  1. Most people use nasal sprays incorrectly, which can lead to more side effects and less effectiveness so hope many will read your blog.