Doubtful asthma cure: Indian healers make people swallow live fish with herbs

From Animal Planet TV: "Two brothers in Hyderabad, India share their unusual cure for asthma with thousands of people every year" (the video is available on YouTube, embedding is disabled).

According to The Times of India, "while rationalists rubbish this 'miracle cure' as humbug, Goud brothers maintain that their prasadam, a yellow paste the ingredients of which are a family secret, offers a "100 per cent cure" for asthma.

Bogged down by controversy, the Gouds have changed the name of the yellow paste from 'medicine' to 'prasadam' to "herbal food supplement'' now. They continue to hardsell it though, stating that the paste in the fish's mouth cures asthmatics of their bouts of breathlessness. How? Well, the Gouds state that the "live fish travels, wagging its tail and fins, through the throat and negotiates the phlegm congestion'' and thus curing the patient."

A more detailed 6-minute video is available here.


No Chinese manufacturer has successfully registered herbal medicinal products in the EU - all will be banned in May. The Lancet, 2011.

Comments from Twitter:

@ksayona (Sohil Makwana MD,MPH): That has being going on for years in rural parts of India. I don't believe in that and Govt. should do something to stop it.

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