IgE levels frequently elevated in chronic urticaria, associated with disease severity and duration

The level of IgE increases during childhood until about 10 years of age. At age 10, the total IgE reaches a value that is typically maintained throughout adult life.

Elevated IgE levels in patients with chronic urticaria have been noted previously. This Israeli study measured the IgE levels in patients with chronic urticaria and examine the relationship between these levels and:

- urticarial severity
- urticarial duration
- autologous serum skin test
- anti-thyroid antibodies

Serum total IgE levels from 203 patients with chronic urticaria were measured and compared with nonatopic individuals. 23% of the chronic urticaria patients were classified as mild, 33% were classified as having moderate and 43.8% as having severe chronic urticaria.

Total IgE levels were elevated, above 175 U/ml, in 34% of patients, compared with 8.6% of healthy controls.

Diagnosis of Chronic Urticaria (click to enlarge the image).

There was an association between increased total IgE and chronic urticaria severity - 93% of patients with increased IgE suffered from moderate-to-severe chronic urticaria, this was observed in only 69% of patients with normal IgE.

Autologous serum skin test and anti-thyroid antibodies were positive in 36% and 15% patients, respectively. There was an association between increased IgE and the presence of autologous serum skin test, anti-thyroid antibodies and urticarial duration lasting more than 25 months.

Total serum IgE levels are frequently elevated in patients with chronic urticaria and these are associated with disease severity and duration.

Anti-FceR1 autoantibodies in chronic autoimmune urticaria: IgG against FceRI (receptor for IgE) (click to enlarge the image).

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