Does Obesity Increase Risk of Atopy?

Literature on the association between obesity and atopy has been inconsistent. This study included 1,997 residents aged 18-79 years in Canada. Body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) were measured. Allergy skin tests were conducted to determine atopic sensitization.

Prevalence of one or more positive skin tests for atopy was:

- 33.3% among those with a BMI of at least 30.0
- 28.2% among those with a BMI of 25.0-29.9
- 27.3% among those with a BMI of less than 25 (p = 0.003)

The odds ratio for atopy among those with a BMI of at least 30.0 versus those with a BMI of less than 25.0 was 1.51. WC was also significantly associated with the prevalence of atopy in both sexes.

The data demonstrated an association between obesity, defined either by BMI or by WC, and atopy.


Association between Obesity and Atopy in Adults. Chen Y, Rennie D, Cormier Y, Dosman J. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2010 Jun 17;153(4):372-377.
Higher body mass index may decrease response to inhaled corticosteroids in persistent asthma (
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

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