Top Allergy Myths

There are many allergy myths such as the one about short-haired pets being "allergy-free." "There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog or cat"

Some people actually believe chihuahuas can relieve or even cure asthma, or that eating local honey can help alleviate or prevent seasonal allergies. Neither is true.

Another myth is that subcutaneous immunotherapy ("allergy shots") always takes years to work. "You can change how long it takes for the allergy shots to kick in," Dr. Haden said. "Traditionally, It takes several months of doing shots kind of the traditional or old-fashioned way." But with rush immunotherapy, "you do an all-day jump start to the shot process, and then your shots can start kicking in in a matter of weeks."

Top Allergy Myths. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.
Image source:, public domain.

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