Poem by an allergy patient


Each spring my voice changes
As the trees, oaks and pines, begin to leaf,
Taking on qualities of Lauren Bacall’s
Or leaving me soundless.
“What? I can’t hear you.” the caller says.
“Sorry, it’s allergies,” I reply into the receiver, trying for more volume.

Spring through the eyes of someone having an allergy (click to enlarge the image). The author of the picture is Splashi on Flickr: "Shot with the help of a brave mate of mine sitting in our more or less crowded city, sweating. But he did a great job to show the flipside of spring and flowering nature." All rights reserved. Reproduced under fair use license.

It should not be this way. Please see an allergist today to get immediate relief and long-term control: Locate an Allergist - ACAAI


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